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Wet Bags have many functions, the main one being as a handy storage container when parents and baby are out and about.  They are made from the same waterproof fabric as the outer layer of the cloth nappies and measure approximately 30cm x 36cm. The bags have two zipped pockets with a waterproof wall between them and hold 5 – 7 nappies and inserts.

There are many uses for these versatile bags, some of which include:

  • for modern cloth nappies when out and about – clean gear in one pocket, soiled nappies and inserts in the other
  • for clean, dry clothes in one pocket, wet or dirty clothes in the other
  • for toilet-training or for children who still have the odd ‘accident’
  • for necessary equipment for feeding solids food in one pocket, dirty bibs and cutlery in the other
  • for swimming gear – a dry swimming nappy and small microfibre towel in one pocket, wet gear in the other
  • for reusable wet wipes
  • for a wet flannel – for wiping grubby hands and faces
  • and many more

Machine wash in cold water with a laundry liquid like Earth’s Choice, which is reasonably priced and contains no softeners or bleaches. Dry in the sun but, to avoid damaging the fabric, don’t leave them on the line for too long on very hot days.