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Modern Cloth Nappies

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Our MCN’s Simply Stack Up

For You & Your Baby

Our cloth nappies are simple to use and provide the quality you’re after. Your baby will feel and look great with the bamboo fabrics and styles available in our online store. We also have many ways for you to save when shopping with us, plus you’ll save at least $5000 per child by not using disposable nappies. So not only are our nappies better for you and your baby but they’re better for the environment.

Our Nappy Styles

Our modern cloth nappies look so good that you won’t need to put pants over your baby’s nappy. You’ll be ready for that outing in no time at all.

We have so many fun designs and great colours to enjoy. We also have two types of outer fabrics – a Minky fabric that feels soft and cuddly for those cool winter days and a standard fabric that’s great for all year round. Cloth nappies have now become modern, stylish and simple to use.

Big Savings

Our cloth nappies are not just a nappy but an extension of your baby’s wardrobe. So you get a 2 for 1 deal with our cloth nappies.

We’ve put together bundles that have been specially designed to give you everything you need. Our bundle prices give you great savings. Our best savings come with our pre-packed bundles. We also give you choice with your cloth nappy styles in our custom bundles with big savings.

Quality & Reliability

Our nappies provide absorbency that you can depend on. In fact with our range of microfibre and bamboo nappy inserts, you’ll be able to customise the absorbancy for your babies needs, giving you peace of mind and comfort for your baby. You also have our wet bags to keep everything clean when your out and about.

Our modern cloth nappies last the test of time. You’ll be able to use them for several of your children. Easily adjustable snaps make them suitable for newborn to three years of age.

Something Extra

We offer gift cards that you can choose the exact value of and you can add a personal message to be sent on the day you prefer.

It’s easy to select your favourite cloth nappies with our online wishlists. This is also a great way to share your gift ideas with family and friends.

Flexible payments with Zip Pay allow you to own it now and choose repayments that suit your lifestyle.



Susie, Toowoomba, Qld.

Hi Ruth – Just had to tell you that I have just received my BabyBots Super Bundle in the mail and I am amazed at how much I have received, for the amount paid. The designs and colours of the nappies are gorgeous and there are so many accessories included. I can’t wait to start using them all on my son. He is going to be the best-dressed child at our local Mother’s Group !!! Thanks so much. I’m thrilled with this purchase from you.


Jessica, Maroochydore, Qld.

Thanks for suggesting the swimmer nappies for Jake, my two year old. He loves the whale and fish designs and seems to find them more comfortable than the disposable swimmers that I was paying a fortune for. I have shared your contact details with several of my friends who also intend to buy swimmer nappies from you. Do you sell them all year around or just in Summer?

(Yes, Jessica – we sell swimmer nappies all year around and are regularly introducing new designs. Thanks so much for sharing the BabyBots contact details.)


Donna, Adelaide, S.A.

Hello Ruth – I’m so pleased that I found your BabyBots stall at the Caloundra Market, a few Sundays ago. Since buying the Standard Bundle and the two swimmer nappies, I haven’t used a single disposable and feel great about that. My daughter’s nappy rash has disappeared (just like you said it would) and I have had many compliments from people who have admired the cute nappy designs that I chose – with your help. When I come to the Sunshine Coast again in the next school holidays, I’ll come to see you again at the market and buy more nappies. By the way, the bamboo and charcoal inserts are incredible for long car trips. It’s been so handy not to have to keep stopping to change nappies. I am truly grateful that you introduced me to them.

Darren and Sophie, Brisbane, Qld.

With three kids under three, it took me some time to take the leap of faith into the MCN world. OMG. This has been life changing AND great for our budget too. Having ordered a Super Bundle online, I couldn’t be happier with the MCNs and accessories that I received. They are standing up to constant use with ease. I’m about to order more and can’t wait to see what new designs you have in stock.

Using Modern Cloth Nappies

Adjustable Cloth Nappy

As long as your baby weighs about 3.5kg, fitting the nappies will be easy. Just remember that the nine snaps at the lower front of the nappy are to reduce the rise if needed. For a newborn, reduce the rise (the distance from the waist to the waist, through the groin area) fully. As the baby grows, you can increase the rise on the nappy by half and eventually, completely. The girth can also be adjusted, again using the appropriate snaps, as your baby grows and puts on weight. Inserts for the BabyBots nappies sit inside the nappy. Our flushable, bamboo liners may be placed on top of the nappy, between the nappy and the baby to make for easy cleaning. Nappy liners are 100% biodegradable.

Using Coth Nappies With Newborns

For newborns, please don’t use the liners yet. They are for when your baby is introduced to solid food. For now, place the insert on top of the bamboo fabric of the nappy so that it sits between the nappy and the child. We also have a nappy care page for information on cleaning and caring for your baby’s cloth nappies.

Adjustable modern cloth nappy

Using Cloth Nappies With


Even Bigger Savings With

Modern Cloth Nappies

A Cleaner World

Our passion is to encourage families to consider the environment for future generations and, most particularly, for the child or children in their care. One of the easiest and most practical ways of achieving this goal is to reduce – or, better still, remove – disposable nappies from shopping trolleys and daily lives. Our modern cloth nappy helps us “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

Footprints We Leave Behind

Scientists have determined that used disposable nappies, because of their construction process and the materials used to create them, will last at least 500 years, once they become landfill. Not only is that bad news, we also need to remember that the nappy contents which leach into the soil, over time, is raw sewerage. This pollutes the soil and natural waterways.

Save Money & The Planet

By using modern cloth nappies (MCNs), rather than disposables, the average saving per child has been calculated as up to $5000. The calculation includes purchasing the MCNs, the small cost of washing them along with the costs of the consumables, like the 100% biodegradable, flushable liners. Five thousand dollars – wouldn’t that be a handy boost to your family budget?

BabyBots – making a world of difference … in baby steps.

Host A Baby Shower

BabyBots may be booked to attend your Baby Shower to display our full range of products. Special bonuses are available for the hostesses of these gatherings and to those who also book, and hold, their own gathering within three weeks. Call us to make a booking or to ask any questions you may have about these displays, our products or our monthly specials.