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    Meet me at the markets (as detailed on our FB page) or contact me online ...

    While we, at BabyBots, do our best to access as many areas and people as possible via available markets, if we can’t get to you, please remember that everything we sell can be found in our online store, accessible from Facebook, Instagram and this website.  In addition, any questions that you may have about our products and their best use, may be answered by either watching our videos or reading the information sheets placed on our website. If you still need help, please don’t despair. Your questions will be happily answered personally, promptly and to the best of our ability, if you send queries through by text, Messenger, phone call or email. That’s all part of the service. 

    For specific stall locations on particular dates, check out our Facebook page each Friday evening.  Also, on Facebook, you can see the latest specials being offered, which may not be available online.  To access those, please contact us directly.  You may also read reviews from genuine customers who have tried our products, have developed more and more confidence in using them and want to share their success.    






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Ultimately though, we warmly welcome you into our face-to-face or online stores to choose from our terrific range and to learn more about embracing the simple, fun nappy system in which we specialise.  We look forward to helping you to keep your baby’s skin, health and general comfort in top condition, to save lots of money and to reduce your family’s contributions to problematic levels of landfill pollution, globally.