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This small-medium swim nappy is specifically for use when your baby or toddler is enjoying time in the water. Light-weight, size adjustable, comfortable, stylish and affordable, this eco-friendly swimmer nappy is a great alternative, for the environment and your purse, to disposable swimmers. Along with BabyBots modern cloth nappies, they are definitely a small change for a big impact on the family budget, your baby’s skin and the environment !!

BabyBots Swimmer Nappies are a terrific fit on any babies. They are made from waterproof polyester PUL, designed for holding in solids. The interior mesh fabric enables easy clean ups, offering comfort against baby’s sensitive skin. Elastic waist and thigh openings are covered with soft lycra bindings providing a secure, stretchy fit and making it easy to put them on and take them off. The swimmers feature double-sided (3×2) snap openings on the waist and 3×3 snaps on the front of the garment to adjust the girth and rise. They are designed to fit children up to 15 kg. in weight.

Machine wash in cold water with a laundry liquid like Earth’s Choice, which contains no softeners or bleaches. Dry in the shade or sun but don’t leave them on the line for too long on very hot days, to avoid damaging the fabric.