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XL Bright Yellow

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This eco-friendly, budget-friendly, extra large modern cloth nappy is size-adjustable for children weighing approximately 14 kg and adjusts to comfortably fit larger children, weighing up to approximately 24 kg. Because of the breathable, waterproof outer layer of the nappy shell, along with the way moisture is constantly wicked away from the child’s skin, painful nappy rash and the associated discomfort will be a thing of the past.

This nappy is supplied with a free microfibre insert.

Machine wash in cold water with a laundry liquid like Earth’s Choice, which is reasonably priced and contains no softeners or bleaches. Dry in the sun and, if there are any shadows of stains remaining after being washed, the sun will bleach those out during the drying process. Just don’t leave them on the line for too long on very hot days, to avoid damaging the fabrics.