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Collapsible Silicone Cup – Green


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A perfect way to sterilise and store your menstrual cup, this collapsible silicone cup has many other uses as well.  It is a handy way to always have a drinking cup for yourself, your child or even your pet.  It can be used to store and heat solid food snacks for your toddler, while you are out and about.  It is the perfect size for soaking pieces of jewellery during their cleaning process. Can you think of more uses?

How to Use the Collapsible Silicone Cup to clean your Menstrual Cup :

Place your menstrual cup inside your collapsible cup, cover it with water and place inside the microwave oven WITHOUT the lid.

Set your microwave oven to a medium setting and boil the water for 3 – 4 minutes.

Wait until the water and containers cool a little, to avoid being burned.  Remove from microwave oven.

Tip out water, insert menstrual cup into your body and dry silicone cup OR tip out water, allow all items to either air dry or dry with a clean cloth, replace the lid and store until you need your menstrual cup next.