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3 × Cloth Nappies – Choose Your Styles
3 × 3-Layer Microfibre Inserts *Free with each nappy purchase
2 × 4-Layer Bamboo Inserts
1 × 5-Layer Bamboo and Charcoal Inserts

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1 × Wet Bag (large) – Choose Your Style
1 × Bamboo wipes with small wet bag - Choose your style

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A sample collection of MCNs and accessories which make a great gift or are perfect for those who are “dipping their toe” into the eco-friendly, budget-friendly, size-adjustable MCN environment.  Still unsure if they wish to save thousands of dollars as well as their baby’s planet from the unnecessary and appalling landfill pollution caused by disposable nappies, this bundle enables the MCN system to be trialled, in the hope that the experience will be a game-changer.  It may also complement other nappies that might be owned and in use, it could become the beginning of a larger collection in the future but, whichever it is, you will save $52.45 by bundling your purchase and not buying everything individually.  

The extreme adjustability of our cloth nappies allows them to fit a newborn baby of about 3.5 – 4kg and grow with each child until they are ready for toilet training or until they are about three years old.  It is recommended, by those in the industry, that you will need 24 modern cloth nappies per child. This bundle is building towards that and includes generous quantities of all the washable, flushable and environmentally-friendly accessories in the BabyBots nappy system. Choose your preferred colours and designs from our extensive range of nappies as well as from our large and small wet bags selections. You will also receive documents, prepared by us, to help you care for your purchases, to enable them to continue to work very effectively over time and to service several children.

It is widely agreed that by using cloth, and not disposable, nappies you will save up to $5000 per child. You will also reduce the amount of landfill that your household would add to appalling global pollution levels. In addition, your child will not be exposed to the toxic chemicals contained in the disposables and which are now being blamed for many of the allergies, syndromes, difficult behaviours and disorders that today’s children may exhibit and suffer from.

Would you wear a plastic bag all through Summer? Of course you wouldn’t but parents who use disposable nappies for their children expect those children to do so. By using our cloth nappies, painful nappy rash will be a thing of the past. Your child’s comfort levels will increase significantly, especially in Australia’s hot, humid summers, thanks to the breathable and naturally antibacterial bamboo fabrics from which BabyBots nappies and accessories are constructed.

Many customers report that they are buying fewer clothes for their children because our nappies look so great that a singlet or T-shirt is often the only extra clothing that is required. Fewer clothes = LESS washing AND further savings !!  Talking of washing, maintaining the products is extremely easy, cost-effective and satisfying.  As there is no need for soaking, just cold machine wash (we recommend using Earth’s Choice Laundry Liquid – ask us why !) and hang the nappies in the sun to take advantage of its free and natural sanitising properties.

Besides all these great reasons for using BabyBots cloth nappies, they will also just look fabulous, thanks to the gorgeous colour and design choices that you will make from our extensive range.  What are you waiting for?  Lead the way in your parent group.  Do the best for your child, the environment and your budget.  Ditch the disposables !!!