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Trial Bundle

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Our “Trial Bundle” is perfect for the first time buyer or for those looking to give a gift that just keeps on giving. You’ll be receiving the best combination of our nappies and accessories for one very low price. Fully adjustable from newborn to toddler, you’ll experience the fit, comfort and ease of use that is possible from our modern cloth nappies. Plus, see the cost and environmental benefits for you and your baby’s future. We have 3 mystery style packs: Unisex, Girl and Boy.

2 × Cloth Nappies – Mystery Styles
2 × 3-Layer Microfibre Inserts *Free with each nappy purchase

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1 × 4-Layer Bamboo Inserts

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1 × 5-Layer Bamboo and Charcoal Inserts

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Our “Trial Bundle” is perfect for the first time buyer or those looking to give a gift that keeps on giving…

How?  Well, using cloth nappies immediately reduces the appalling amount of disposable nappy landfill – and the stinky bins – polluting your baby’s world. Baby’s health is not jeopardised by contact with the toxic chemicals in disposable nappies.  Painful nappy rash will no longer be an issue.  A family budget saving of up to $5000 per child will occur.  Maintaining the nappies is easy and should give you a real sense of success and achievement. Your baby will always look adorable, will feel cool, dry and comfortable and may even sleep better.